What if a fire destroyed your home? What if most of the damaged areas are unrecognizable? How would you prove what personal property was lost? I hope this never happens to you, but I’m sharing some tips for how to create a digital home inventory in case of any disastrous events. 

Theft, fire, and flooding can happen to homeowners. Do you know what you would need to provide to the insurance company to get those items replaced? 

First, using your phone or video camera, walk through your home and videotape each room, including every wall. This way you can show an insurance adjuster what your home looked like before the claim. Then take pictures of electronics, (front and back) with the serial numbers in clear view. Take photos of the appraisals for jewelry, silver, expensive eyeglasses, artwork, tools, and any valuable collectibles.

Remember: Anytime you bring home a new laptop, computer, or anything of value, be sure to snap a photo of the serial number right on the box. Keeping the receipt is a great idea, too. 

Lastly, upload your digital photo album to your online storage service. We use Dropbox, but you could use any photo storage site. Google Photos, iCloud, and Photobucket are common choices. Don’t use Facebook, as we don’t want to give burglars any ideas. 

Don’t forget to add photos to your digital home inventory each time you make a new, inventory-worthy purchase. The more information you provide to the insurance adjuster about a specific item, the better your chances to get it replaced with an item of the same value. Also, while you’re taking photos of your property, make sure to take one of the most valuable things of all: your pet! 

If you have further questions about  digital home inventories or real estate in general, please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I would love to help you.