Find out how we adopted our new dog, Wilma.


It’s been 9 months now since Sadie passed away, and we’ve been talking about getting another dog. Lisa’s really big on the adoption process, so I just wanted to share a bit about how we ended up adopting Wilma. We were expecting it to be easy, but it really wasn’t.

We went to about three different rescues, and they all do it differently. At some agencies, you have to find a dog you want before you fill out the application. For others, you’d fill out an application and they’d match you with a dog, and this was what we did for Wilma.

This time around it was pretty emotional. The rescue had matched us with Wilma, and we only had a certain amount of time to respond to get our appointment. By the time Lisa had seen the email, it was too late, and we’d missed the chance to meet her. That was tough. 

“I thought adopting a dog would be easy, but it wasn’t.”

Lucky for us, the other people had to cancel their appointment, so we got another chance to adopt Wilma! We learned from her foster mother, Brenda, who volunteers with Lab Rescue LRCP, that Wilma came in as an abandoned pup in pretty bad shape with her little sister Betty.

We’re super excited to have her, and we can’t wait to see what the cats think!

As you might already know, we recently made a commitment to raise funds for the Richmond SPCA. You partnered with us to help exceed our goal. We raised $2,844! Thank you so much for your generosity. Now we are making a different kind of commitment, one that will give us years of joy and companionship, by adopting Wilma!

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