Hi there, Mark Adams here. I hope you and your family are staying well. I wanted to address the questions I’ve been getting lately regarding our current market.

“Mark, what’s really going on in the marketplace right now? Is now a good time to sell my house, or should we wait?

I’ve been in the business for 21 years now, and pushed through several market crises. We thrive during times like this because of the sturdy relationships we’ve built with lenders, attorneys, movers, and other service providers. We are prepared to continue serving you in the same capacity we always have.

“It’s still a seller’s market, but the interest rates will save you tons of money.”

The bottom line is, it’s still a seller’s market, and due to the low inventory, those that do put their house on the market are going to have less competition.

As far as buyers are concerned: yes, there is less inventory to choose from, BUT the interest rates are so attractive right now, so when you do find your dream home, it’s going to save you tons of money.

If you have any questions about your property or the buying/selling process, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you, and ready to help in any way we can. Stay safe, and we look forward to serving you.