Officer Mashburn shares some simple but important tips for holiday safety.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Let’s prevent some criminal folly.

We stole some of Officer Mashburn’s time, but we promise it was for a good cause. She joined us to answer some questions about deterring crime during the holiday season. Curious what you could take away from her message? Check out our brief interview in the video above to learn some great tips on protecting your deliveries from “porch pirates,” as well as protecting yourself, your home, and your vehicle.

If you’re just looking for quick tips to snatch ‘n grab, here are the highlights:

  • Leave special instructions for delivery drivers for where to place your packages; ask that they hide them behind outdoor furniture or leave them at a side door where they are less visible.

  • Keep all of your doors/windows locked at all times! 

  • Don’t leave valuables (shopping bags, presents, etc.) in your car. Take them inside.

  • Leave your lights on, especially your outdoor lights. Sure, it might run up your electric bill, but on the plus side, Santa will have no problem finding your house!

Special thanks to Officer Mashburn for spending time with us and for serving our communities. Even during this busy time of year, we’ll be here to help with any real estate needs you may have. Happy holidays, and stay safe, friends!