Have you been thinking about what your home is worth lately?
I wanted to let you know Richmond home prices are not dropping in spite of the seemingly never ending curve balls 2020 is throwing.

In fact, while inventory is down 40% nationally since sellers are likely hesitant to have buyers walk through their home, home prices are still strong (if not stronger).

Would you like to know what your home here in Richmond is worth for free? Call me at 804-237-8585. You’ll get my recommended home value opinion at no charge.

I just need a quick phone call with you to learn more about your home, along with any photos or videos you can send me (very important) by email, text, FB Messenger, etc. You’ll have a better idea of what a bank may value your home for a refinance, you can update your balance sheet, or you can just rest assured knowing what a buyer would likely pay today. 

Just last month, we worked with two families whose homes sold for 8% and 14% over the list price. You can imagine how pleased these clients were!

Interest rates are at record lows after the Federal Reserve lowered their lending rate and bank reserve requirements. This keeps home prices high since money is cheap for borrowers. 

History shows this amazing trend won’t go on forever. If you’re thinking about selling your home, this summer/fall may be your best chance to land your highest selling price.

I’m here to help with any real estate needs you have. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll give you a well-researched and accurate answer so you can make the right decisions.