Here’s why we’re partnering with the SPCA to raise funds for local animals.


Here are our fundraising pages with our stories and links to donate:

Lisa’s Page

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Today I am coming to you to talk about a cause that is near and dear to our hearts: animals. As you may know, we lost our sweet dog Sadie in November to cancer. We wanted to do something to honor her memory because she meant so much to us. 

Sadie was my garage and fishing buddy and she was Lisa’s best friend and garden helper. She was also a great friend to our cats: Clara, Fuller and Eli. She is greatly missed by our whole family.

To honor Sadie’s memory, Lisa and I decided to take part in the SPCA’s Over the Edge challenge and raise funds for the animals they care for.

Supporting the SPCA is a natural fit for us, but we really need your help and encouragement to reach our goals. You’ve always helped us support pet causes in a big way. Since 2009, you’ve donated around 15,000 pounds of pet food to our Meals on Wheels pet food drives, which provide meals for the pets of the seniors who receive meals from FeedMore.

“On average, an animal spends 22 days at the SPCA before being adopted.”

Lisa recently took a behind-the-scenes tour of the SPCA and was amazed at all they do to care for the pets there who are waiting for their forever homes. She visited the dog kennels and fell in love with a pit bull named Adam, saw the cat infirmary, the animal hospital, the adoption rooms, the laundry facilities, and even the bath stations. Check them out in the video above. She told me how clean it was and how good it smelled. For Lisa to say that, it really means something.

When you partner with us, your support will go directly towards caring for the dogs, cats and other creatures the SPCA takes in year after year. On average, an animal spends 22 days at the SPCA before being adopted.

Did you know that it costs $17 a day to care for each animal? A donation of just $25 provides bottle feeding for four infant kittens for two weeks and a $125 donation can pay the adoption fee for a senior pet, and you know how we love helping the seniors in our community.

With your donation, you may be helping a friend or family member’s next dog or cat in the process. As you can see, your support means a lot. You can make a huge difference by providing a day, a week, or even a month’s worth of care with your gift. 

We want to save them all, but we know we can only reach our goal with your love, support and encouragement. Please help us exceed our goals to make Sadie proud. Every dollar helps.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.