What do women really want on Valentine’s Day? I brought together my favorite group of ladies: my team, Amy, Lisa, and Chloe. I’m going to ask them some questions, and their answers may enlighten you about what women want. 

Do your Valentine’s Day desires fall more in line with Hallmark or HGTV?

  • Chloe: Is the food network an option? As long as he’s cooking for me.
  • Amy: I like a little romance, but I also like projects. So I would want a pot for cooking, chocolates, perfume, or jewelry. 
  • Lisa: For me it’s HGTV; I want those projects done. Make me something pretty.

“I brought together a group of my most favorite ladies in the world: my team.”

What’s the last thing you’d ever want on Valentine’s Day?

  • Chloe: I do not want another singing card!
  • Amy: Don’t buy me golf clubs; you can get me lessons, but not the actual clubs.
  • Lisa: No fishing pole. I don’t want to go fishing, talk about fishing, or shop for fishing lures. 

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

  • Lisa: Something with whiskers… meow. 
  • Chloe: I second that, but also pizza and champagne. 
  • Lisa: Or a day trip. Even just shopping and lunch in another town nearby would be great.
  • Amy: My family wants another puppy, so that would be the perfect family gift. I would also be happy to cook dinner for everyone.

I want to thank my favorite ladies for gathering to share their thoughts about Valentine’s Day. I hope you learned something, I know I did. Have a happy Valentine’s Day! 

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